Product development, logo, packaging/POP & web design for the Ultimate Hoofpick/Equinimity



Logo for Charism Saddles


Logo for Casa Serena Classical Spanish Training

Splash screens and other illustrations for Chimera: Realm of the Horse, an online horse-centric MMORPG

Product development, logo, packaging, website (, advertising, PR and collateral mateirlas for Seasons Feed. In conjunction with Horsefly Creative.


Poster for the 2011 Australian National Morgan Horse Show. Our most recent print- now available as a print or giclee on canvas (20"x 36"). Visit for pricing and more info.


Typography and illustration for the Leeds Children's Theatre's production of The Magician's Nephew


2010: Book design for Horse Photogrpahy: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers by Carol Walker. Also design of the website in tandem with Connective Web Design,


The Cloud Foundation Annual Calendars by Carol Walker.


2010 cover and book design for Trudi Peek's Touching Earth, Touching Sky. Also companion website for Trudi -


Media Kit for Equine Network/AIM. Click here to see more...


Logo for Equine Network